solo performances > Witness, 2020

April-June 2020

"Witness" was a 2-day private performance recorded on Zoom during Covid-19 quarantine.
The performance resulted in a performative drawing, also entitled "Witness." This performative drawing is 1 in a series of 7.

Images from each of the 7 drawings are included here, as well as photographs of the performative process for each drawing.

The process
-A 22 x 30 inch piece of paper is on the ground, secured by one rock (the witness).
-The witness remains in the center of the paper for the duration of the performance/process.
-A fire is made.
-Rocks are put in the fire. They are fired.
-The fire goes out.
-The rocks are removed and placed on the paper.
-The charcoal from the fire is gathered.
-The rocks are covered in charcoal. ( I color them all black.)
-Charcoal is removed from the rocks by rubbing them against the paper. (The drawing is made this way.)
-Tea is served.
-I drink some tea.
-Tea is poured over the witness.
-Each rock, one by one, is washed by the tea, assisted by my hands and clothing.
-The rocks are placed, one by one, on the paper.

The same rock (the witness) is used in each drawing.
New rocks are fired for each drawing.

performative drawing with charcoal and tea
22 x 30 inches