Sarah H. Paulson was born in New Orleans, LA. Since graduating with a BFA in Special Studies in Art from Syracuse University in 2002, she has lived and worked as a performance artist in Brooklyn, NY. Paulson is also a lifelong student of alchemical Taoist medicine and practices acupuncture in Brooklyn, NY and Putney, VT.

Her art practice remains focused on The Performative. Paulson believes that performance has the capacity to bring the human being closest to what it means to be human.

The boundaries and overlaps between past and present, time and timelessness, and public vs. private surface through her drawings and performances.

By archiving personal experience through her often durational or endurance-based work, Paulson reaches the place where the universal is touched in the audience as well as in herself and/or the other performers.

The artist and the performers are pushed to their limits. Humanness, with its breath and blood, beauty, hopelessness, and potential, is aspired to and celebrated.

Her solo work, as well as her collaborations with Holly Faurot (, have been exhibited/performed at English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NY; Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY; ACG (Alice Chilton Gallery), Brooklyn, NY; NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY; The Chocolate Factory Theater, Brooklyn, NY; P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY; the Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theatre at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NY; NYCAMS (NY Center for Art & Media Studies), NY; Villa Feuerlösche, Prenning, Austria; Open Art Gallery, Beijing, China; among others.