I work from a wild passion that has no explanation.

Though I strive for my marks to have integrity, I fail, and I fail, and I fail again. And once in a great while, a mark comes that feels real.

Many of my paintings and drawings are often the result of direct visions. Art has been a way for me to remember and convey these experiences, as well as, occasionally, to communicate inside such experiences.

-Sarah H. Paulson

Sarah H. Paulson was born in New Orleans, LA. Since graduating with a BFA in Special Studies in Art from Syracuse University, she has lived and worked as an artist in Brooklyn, NY and Putney, VT. She has a background in dance and has created over 30 large-scale multi-media durational performances. She brings her passion for performance into her drawings and paintings, as she works with movement, repetition, and endurance. MPaulson is also a lifelong student of alchemical Taoist medicine and practices acupuncture at Sword Hands Acupuncture & Qigong.

Her work has been exhibited/performed at English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NY; Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY; ACG (Alice Chilton Gallery), Brooklyn, NY; NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY; The Chocolate Factory Theater, Brooklyn, NY; P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY; Space 317, Brooklyn, NY; the Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theatre at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NY; NYCAMS (NY Center for Art & Media Studies), NY; Alive at Satellite (Performance is Alive), Miami, FL; Art Around Books (Bellows Falls, VT), Pulp (Holyoke, MA); Villa Feuerlösche, Prenning, Austria; Open Art Gallery, Beijing, China; among others.

Her book of poems, To My Companion: within the room within the room, is available through the 3 Lights Press.