• "Ledger Lines" included in group exhibition "RE-covery II" at Art Around Books Gallery (Bellows Falls, VT)

    "Ledger Lines" included in group exhibition "RE-covery II" at Art Around Books Gallery (Bellows Falls, VT)

    Ledger Lines is included in the group show RE-covery II: 43 Artists Re-Imagine 43 Books (Curated by Michele Burgess & Bill Kelly)
    For images and info about the exhibition:

    Art Around Books / 5 Canal Street, Bellows Falls, VT
    Opening Reception: October 15, 2022 (3pm-7pm)
    October 15-January 2, 2023

    More information and images of Ledger Lines here.

  • "New Paintings" at the Big Barn, Yellow Barn Concert Hall (Putney, VT)

    "New Paintings" at the Big Barn, Yellow Barn Concert Hall (Putney, VT)

    "New Paintings", 7 recent works by Sarah H. Paulson, will be on exhibition at the Big Barn Yellow Barn Concert Hall in Putney, VT through August 6th.
    More about Yellow Barn's summer festival here.

  • Included in Hannes Priesch's new book EYEWALL:

    Included in Hannes Priesch's new book EYEWALL:

    Purchase here.

    An essay by Sarah H. Paulson, as well as photos from Faurot & Paulson's collaborative performance (with Priesch, Neil Benezra, Sam Benezra, and Rachel Mason) are included in this book.

    "EYEWALL is the title of a series by the artist Hannes Priesch comprising forty-nine paintings and a performance and is focused on emails by the US agency FEMA before, during and after Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005. Along with reproductions of the paintings—including full-size details—the book collects texts from various perspectives to create a comprehensive image of the disaster and annotate the artistic approach to it.

    Includes texts by Ando Arike, Neil Benezra, Karin Buol-Wischenau, Jarvis DeBerry, Holly Faurot, Karen Finley, Kelly Harris-DeBerry, Katia Huemer, Sarah H. Paulson, LaKisha Michelle Simmons, as well as two artist conversations with Georg Bauer and Katrin Bucher Trantow."

    More photos from the Eyewall performance.

  • New poetry book available:

    New poetry book available:

    To My Companion: within the room within the room is available for purchase through The 3 Lights Press.

  • September 8th, 2020 @ 2pm EST

    September 8th, 2020 @ 2pm EST

    A short video of "Witness," a 2-day private performance recorded on Zoom during Covid-19 quarantine was premiered on September 8th in the 22nd International Multimedia Festival.

    More info and photos of "Witness."

    IMAF 2020 festival participants live, online, and live stream performances:
    Alexandra Holownia (Poland-Germany)
    Amy Guilfoyle (Ireland)
    Anita Cheng (Hong Kong-China)
    Artur Tajber (Poland)
    Calum Eccleston (UK)
    Craphone Liu (Taiwan)
    Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (Germany) & Vincenzo Fiore Marrese (Italy)
    Dimple B, Shah (India)
    Edwin Jimeno (Colombia)
    Eva Dabara (Israel)
    Fausto Grossi (Italy-Spain)
    Heather Warren-Crow (USA)
    Hortense Gauthier (France)
    Ileana Gherghina (Romania)
    Irena Paskali (Northern Macedonia-Germany)
    Izabela Brudkiewicz (UK)
    Janusz Plota (Poland)
    Lavoslava Benčić (Slovenia) & Marcello Lussana (Italy)
    Lorenzo Papanti (Italy)
    Makoto Maruyama (Japan)
    Maura Prosperi (Italy)
    Nenad Bogdanovic (Serbia)
    Nitesh Kushwaha (India)
    OPEN ACTION - John G. Boehme, Madeleine Elia, Brenda Petays, Judith Price, Grace Salez, Jayne Storey (Canada)
    Paloma Orts (Spain)
    Ras Sankara (Togo)
    Ruth Vigueras Bravo (Mexico)
    Sanskar Verma (India)
    Sarah H. Paulson (USA)
    Satadru Sovan (India)
    Seiko Kitayama (Japan)
    Sofia Vera (Mexico) & Makame Orozco (Mexico)
    Spike Mclarrity (UK)
    Stephanie Hanna (Germany)
    Syporca Whandal (Hungary)
    Vaishak Raj (India)
    Valeria Barbas (Moldova-Romania)
    WWW Johannes Deimling (Germany)

    "For the first time, in the organization of the International Multimedia Art Festival - IMAF, there is an unexpected change in the very concept of presentation and creation of works. The IMAF festival is a manifestation known for the works of artists whose works were created live, during the realization of multi-day programs. After twenty-one years, the IMAF festival is facing an insurmountable obstacle, an obstacle in the form of emergency measures throughout the country, adopted to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This year's IMAF festival, the 22nd in a row, is embarking on a new adventure, going into the realm of virtual reality. The entire program of this year's festival, on September 4th, 5th and 6th, will be presented online. We hope that this unwanted transformation will bring some new quality, by digitizing the body and spirit, in the unexplored spaces of the virtuality of social networks."