solo performances > Song/Hands/Record: left foot, 2011

Song/Hands/Record: left foot, 2011
June 11, 2011
NURTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Participants were invited to sit beside Paulson and to choose a song from the iPod. Paulson listened to the song with headphones.
-Right hands were held.
-The physical sensations/positioning were notated by the artist.
-A line/message from the song was notated by the artist.
-Circles were drawn with the artist's left foot on a small piece of paper on the floor.
-The participant signed the area of notations on the large drawing on the table.
-The participant and the artist signed the foot drawing.
-The participant took the foot drawing home.
-The large notation drawing was exhibited at the gallery during the group exhibition "Idle Time / Busy Mind" following the performance.